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St. Andrews, Home of Golf

Thu 8 Aug 2019 - St Andrews
2019 Scottish Oil Club Golf Outing

Golf Outing 2019, Jubilee Course, St. Andrews, Fife Scotland

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Upcoming Vacancy for Executive Secretary

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Newest Corporate Member

Teekay Offshore Production

Scottish Oil Club welcomes the newest corporate member, Teekay Offshore Production of Westhill as a "Corporate staff >= 200" sized company.

Teekay Offshore Partners L.P. is a leading international midstream services provider to the offshore oil production industry, primarily focused on the ownership and operation of critical infrastructure assets in offshore oil regions of the North Sea, Brazil and the East Coast of Canada. Teekay Offshore has consolidated assets of approximately $5.2 billion, comprised of 57 offshore assets, including floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units, floating storage and offtake (FSO) units, long-distance towing and offshore installation vessels, and a unit for maintenance and safety (UMS).

Upcoming Annual Dinners of the Scottish Oil Club

The Scottish Oil Club is pleased to announce the dates of future Annual Dinners of the Scottish Oil Club:

As in previous years, bookings commence in two tranches:

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