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Thu 5 May 2005 at 18:00 PM - Edinburgh
Innovene ? Challenging the Status Quo

Robin McGill, Site Director, Innovene Grangemouth

Sponsorship is provided by Wood Mackenzie.

This event occurred on: Thursday, 05 May 2005, 6 p.m.




Innovene is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP and incorporates the worldwide olefins and derivative businesses of BP, together with the Grangemouth and Lavera (France) refineries. Innovene?s other major manufacturing sites include K?ln in Germany and Lima, Chocolate Bayou and Green Lake in the US. SECCO, the joint venture with Sinopec and SPC in Shanghai and the largest petrochemical complex in China to date, is due to become fully operational during 2005. Innovene manufactures petrochemicals, including olefins (ethylene and propylene) and their derivatives such as polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylonitrile, linear alpha olefins, polyalphaolefins, and solvents, as well as gasoline, diesel and other refined products made by the Grangemouth and Lav?ra refineries. These chemicals are used to make a wide variety of plastic goods, including food and drink containers/wrappings, pipe work, automotive parts and mouldings of all kinds. BP expects to sell Innovene later in 2005, possibly by way of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), subject to necessary approvals and market conditions.


Originally from Edinburgh, Robin McGill attended Currie High School before studying at Edinburgh University. He started his career with BP in 1977 as a mechanical engineer in the Rigidex polyethylene business at Grangemouth. After ten years in a variety of roles, he transferred to BP?s Advanced Materials business, Carborundum, in the USA. He then returned to work for BP Chemicals in London before returning to the US to run a marketing division for BP Oil. Then it was back to London again to work in Mergers and Acquisitions before taking over as Business Unit Leader, Plastics Fabrications Group. After three years he assumed responsibility for BP?s European Polyethylene business and later, in November 2001, became chief executive officer of the BP Solvay Polyethylene European joint venture. He returned to Grangemouth in January 2004 to take up the post of complex director BP Grangemouth. He transferred to Innovene in early 2005.

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