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Thursday, 9 October 2008 6:00 PM Edinburgh
Global Oil Markets: The Long Term and the Short Term

Christof Ruhl, Group Chief Economist and Vice President, BP

Royal Scots Club 29 Abercromby Place Edinburgh EH3 6QE Map

Sponsorship is provided by Wood Mackenzie.

This event occurred on: Thursday, 09 October 2008, 6 p.m.

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The presentation discusses determinants of demand, such as the growing share of Non-OECD economies in global growth, and constraints on supply, such as access restrictions, which are unlikely to disappear in the short term. It then contrasts these influences with reasons for short term price volatility.


Christof Rühl is Group Chief Economist and Vice President of BP plc. He manages BP's global economics team. Christof analyses the global economy and energy markets, to provide economic underpinning for BP's commercial strategy. Christof joined BP in 2005. He has a distinguished track record as an academic economist and in economic policy making. From 1998, he was at the World Bank, where he served as the Bank's Chief Economist in Russia and Brazil. Before that, Christof worked in the Office of the Chief Economist at the EBRD (from 1996). Earlier, he was an academic economist, first in Germany, and from 1991 as Professor of Economics at the University of California in Los Angeles. He also held Visiting Professorships at academic institutions worldwide, including the University of Western Ontario and the University of Chicago. His area of specialization is macroeconomics and energy economics, and he has published widely in these fields. Christof is a German national.

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