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Thu 11 Feb 2016 at 18:00 PM - Edinburgh
Geothermal Energy Futures in Scotland

Paul Younger, Rankine Chair of Engineering, Professor of Energy Engineering (Systems Power and Energy), Glasgow University

Sponsorship is provided by Scottish Oil Club (Students).

This event occurred on: Thursday, 11 February 2016, 6 p.m.


Funding for student participation from member universities provided by Scottish Oil Club.


Baseload energy sources are conspicuous by their absence from the current renewables mix. Deep geothermal energy holds forth the prospect of low-carbon, renewable, baseload combined heat and power. With load factors in excess of 90%, mature geothermal systems are as reliable as fossil fuel plants. Scotland has long been identified as having potential resources, both in the Midland Valley and in greater Aberdeenshire, yet these remain undeveloped. This lecture explains why – and argues that the latest evidence supports the view that the time has finally come for a concerted effort to deploy this technology in Scotland, with the aim of simultaneously addressing carbon emissions and fuel poverty.


Professor Paul Younger FREng holds the Rankine Chair of Energy Engineering at the University of Glasgow, where he leads a dynamic young team of researchers focusing on thermal energy engineering in all its aspects. Prof Younger holds BSc and PhD degrees from Newcastle University, and a Masters from Oklahoma State University. His background is unusually broad, spanning geosciences and several branches of engineering (environmental, mining, civil, chemical) and he is a prolific author with some 370 publications to his name. He is a founder-director of several companies, including two in the energy sector, and serves on the board of Scotland’s ground-breaking Energy Technology Partnership. He recently directed a number of small research projects re-evaluating Scottish geothermal resources, building on his experience of drilling the only deep geothermal boreholes to be constructed in the UK in the 21st Century to date. He is currently busy with high-enthalpy geothermal system developments in East Africa.

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