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Email Distribution List with MailChimp

The Scottish Oil Club occasionally (2-3 times a month) sends email to the distribution list concerning Scottish Oil Club events. You can sign up to this email distribution using the link above right "Subscribe to our Mailing List".

To complete the subscription process you will need to reply to the confirmation email that will be sent to you.

The distribution list mailings are accomplish using the services of MailChimp.

The Club uses these emails only for SOC events, and does not use this distribution list for any other purpose. The Scottish Oil Club does not and will not release your email address to third parties.

If you computer is "protected" by very aggressive spam (junk mail) filters operated by your organisation or controlled by you via your email client software, this could lead to the unintended consequence that Scottish Oil Club email may not "get through" to you. This problem affects a very small number of people. You may need to relax those spam detection rules. See guidance from Mailchimp at White listing information for MailChimp delivery servers. There they give technical details about how to configure your spam filters to allow the mail to "get through".

If it is not possible change your spam filters to allow the mail to "get through", then do not use email for this purpose and instead watch for notices of SOC events on our Twitter feed, on this web site, or subscribe to the distribution list with an email account that does not have the aggressive spam filtering setup.

All Other Email is Sent via FastMail

The Scottish Oil Club uses FastMail to provide email services. All email other than mass mailings via Mailchimp are sent and received using FastMail. If you find that SOC emails are getting trapped by your aggressive junk mail filter, you can set up a rule to move all SOC emails into your inbox. Most all email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) and web-based email services (Google, etc.) have rule engines you can use. A suggested rule would be to check the email header "received" for the name of FastMail's SMTP server "messagingengine.com".

FastMail Security

Email is sent from the Scottish Oil Club by mail servers with DKIM and SPF authentication to confirm to the receiver that the Club's email service providers (Fastmail and MailChimp) are authorised to send email on the SOC's behalf. This is to best ensure that mail can arrive safely and reduce the risk of it being considered spam or from other sources.

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