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Booking for Dinner Events

To book a seat(s) at the regular meetings of the Scottish Oil Club, simply send an email to the designated email address and request a dinner booking.

Booking Methods

You can book various ways, all which results in a email to bookings@scottishoilclub.org.uk.

On receipt of your email to bookings@scottishoilclub.org.uk we will ping back an automated acknowledgment of your email. This email simply says that we'll get back to you shortly, and if you don't hear from us soon, then something has gone wrong. Please resend your booking request email. See example below.

Please do not make bookings via the "Contact Us" web link. While we will receive the message from you, this method of communication is not sufficiently secure for you or for the Scottish Oil Club since we cannot authenticate your email.

What Happens Next

Following your booking request, we will return to you an invoice (if appropriate) in email with your booking confirmation. We will reply only to the person who made the booking without any "reply-all" copies. If you need us to "cc" anyone else for you, please tell us.

Please make bookings we can confirm. Please do not make provisional bookings becuase we cannot guarantee provisional bookings, and these sorts of bookings usually lead to unnecessary re-work involving too many people.

Please do not send money (via BACS bank transfer or credit card) before you make your email booking. Sending money without an email bookingis not a reliable way to make a booking.

For events where dinner is served it is essential that you book prior to the "booking finalisation date" so that the food can be ordered and prepared. We will reply to your booking with a confirmation email along with an invoice for the cost of your booking.

By all means, you can book for all future events, including the full season. This avoids you having to remember, and further for simplification we can send one invoice for all bookings. If you need to cancel a booking (before the finalisation date), then just let us know and we can apply the paid booking to a future meeting.

If you intend to send the invoice to your company's accounts payable, please ensure that you follow all their rules with regards to PO Number, company name on invoice, etc. and inform us of those requirements at the time of your booking. The Scottish Oil Club will prepare the invoice as instructed, but if no special instructions are given nothing special will be done. Unless instructed otherwise, we will return an invoice to you and expect you to submit to your company's payment system. We prefer to not have to re-work invoices as that leads to extra cost for all and increases risk of errors. Our policy is not to re-issue invoices unless it is absolutely required. It is Club's policy that it is responsibility of the person making the booking to check that SOC invoices are properly prepared for the member's needs and that timely payment is made.

Unless noted otherwise on the announcement for the event, it is not required that you be a member of the Scottish Oil Club to attend events, including dinner. We encourage membership as it is membership and participation which sustains the Scottish Oil Club.

Booking for Presentation-only

Normally, it is not essential that you book if you are planning the attend only the presentation; however, we do like to know your plans for head-count planning purposes. So, please drop us an email to let us know your intentions.

Annual Dinner Bookings

Membership in the Scottish Oil Club is required to book a table or seat(s) at the Annual Dinner. Only corporate members are permitted to make full table bookings. For booking a seat or dinner at the Annual Dinner, take note of the special instructions published for that event. Annual Dinner bookings are typically taken starting in the 2Q prior to the next event.

Event Finalisation Date

For each event, we define a "finalisation date". This is the date where we make a head-count committment to the venue. This often involves a financial committment.

For this reason, once the club makes this committment, it is no longer possible to refunds or credit invoices after this committment to the venue is made.

For monthly events, this this committment to the venue is normally made early in the morning of the day of the event.

SOC Bank Details

The SOC Bank account details for payment will be printed on the bottom of our invoice sent to you. Please include your name and/or invoice number on the payment details.

Please do not send money to the Scottish Oil Club bank account before you make your email booking. Sending money without an email booking is not a reliable way to make a booking.

Payment by Credit Cards

All credit card payments are via the credit card processor's web page. Links to this page are provided on the invoice that we send you. Only the credit card processor will have access to your card details. The Scottish Oil Club does not take or record your credit card details; nor are credit card payments taken by phone (because to do so would require that we have access to your card details).

Payments at Bank Branches Not Recommended

We recommend that you not pay into the Club's bank account at local bank branches. We make this recommendation because, for reasons we do not understand and are not known to us, banks sometimes do not put relevant information--even if asked--on the transaction with which we can link the payment to you or the invoice we send you. We see on our bank statement only that a payment was made at a particular branch with no other identifying information. We've learned from experience that even if you ask for your name or invoice number to be included with the transaction details, this often does not happen. Without re-work by everyone, you may not get credit for the payment.

Ping Back Email

As mentioned above, here is a copy of the "ping back" email we send in response to your email to bookings@scottishoilclub.org.uk.


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